Practical Tips for Parents (English OR Spanish)


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Engaging parents in the education of their children is essential. Communication stands at the forefront of the home-school connection. Author Carolyn Coil has updated her school-to-home communications Practical Tips for Parents/Consejos Prácticos Para Los Padres to reflect the 21st century lives of parents, students, and teachers.

The Teacher edition includes both English and Spanish versions of the communications for the teacher to use throughout the school year.  They include:

  • Homework: The Home/School Connection
  • Helping with Your Child’s Academic Growth
  • How to Set Rules and Guidelines     
  • Helping Your Child Plan Long Range Assignments
  • Your Child and the World of Technology
  • Understanding Your Child’s World
  • Interviewing an Overcomer   
  • Identifying Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Family Fun Time
  • Strategies for Parents to Encourage Achievement: Developing Good Study Skills
  • Family Patterns for School Success
  • General Guidelines for TV, Computers and Video Games
  • Strategies for Parents to Encourage Achievement: Developing Self-Esteem, Motivation and Responsibility
  • Guiding Your Child     

Parents–Choose the information in either English or Spanish!
Teachers–Send home the information in both English and Spanish!

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