Spring/Fall 2019

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IL Gifted Conference (IAGC) – Naperville, IL
January 31st – February 1st
Carolyn Coil, Speaking

California Gifted Conference (CAG) – Palm Springs, CA
February 22-24

Ohio Teacher Academy (OAGC)  – Worthington, OH
February 25-26

Arkansas Gifted Conference (AGATE) – Little Rock, AR
February 28-March 1

Georgia Gifted Conference (GAGC) – Athens, GA
March 4-5
Carolyn Coil – Speaking

North Carolina Gifted (NCAGT) – Winston-Salem, NC
March 7-8
Carolyn Coil – Speaking
Bob Iseminger – Speaking

Illinois Reading Conference (IRC) – Peoria, IL
October 3-4
Dr. Keith Polette – Speaking

Missouri Gifted Conference (GAM) – St. Louis, MO
October 11-12
Dr. Keith Polette – Speaking

Alabama Gifted Conference (AAGC) – Birmingham, AL
October 15-17
Carolyn Coil – Keynote and Breakouts

Ohio Gifted Conference (OAGC) – Columbus, OH
October 21-22

National Gifted Conference (NAGC) – Albuquerque, NM
November 8-9

Mississippi Literacy Conference – Biloxi, MS
November 18-19
Dr. Keith Polette – Keynote and Breakouts

Texas Gifted Conference (TAGT) – San Antonio, TX
December 5-6

Indiana Gifted Conference (IAG) – Indianapolis, IN
December TBA

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