Great Honey Robbery


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Using Critical Thinking to Solve Problems

Have your students join J. R. and Ryan as they become amateur detectives aiding Officer Oscar Matthews in solving one of the most intriguing cases to hit Brody’s Landing in years. Like J. R. and Ryan, your young detectives will gather clues and organize them in a logic grid, using both paper and pencil and game boards with game pieces. The Great Honey Robbery is not a simple case; many lesser mysteries must fall into place before the villains can be brought to justice . . .

· What can the boys report to Officer Matthews about the time of the honey robbery?
· Who reports mysterious happenings?
· Who wears which size shoe? And whose shoe matches the footprints?
· Does everyone who was treated for bee stings have an alibi?
· What did Ross and Mason observe from the hot air balloon on the day of the robbery?
· Where did the blackberry stains lead?
· Whose raft crossed the river?
· Whose signature was on the laundry receipt?

Students use critical thinking,deductive reasoning, analytical thinking, the process of elimination, logic puzzles, and a time line.

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