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E-Book – How Can I Stand Up for Myself?


Each and every day teens are faced with situations in which they either hide away from the confrontation or they stand up and express their views without disrespecting other people. Standing up for yourself is a crucial life skill to learn. Being unassertive, and a people pleaser, can end up with them being used and manipulated. It is important to remind teens that standing up for themselves can be really challenging if they are used to letting others have their way or if they are a people pleaser. Many teens worry how others will view them when they say no. They do not want to be viewed as lazy, uncaring, selfish or narcissistic. They do not want to be disliked and cut from friends and family members.

E-Book Escape Room – The Time Machine Escape


These new Escape Room Mysteries are sweeping the nation!

Great for the entire class to work together to solve the clues or for smaller groups to solve individual clues.  Each packet contains the objectives, clues, instructions on organizing the class, and preparing the room. There are no locks for the teacher to set or the students to open.  Set-up time for the teacher is usually less than 15 minutes and the mystery can be solved within 30 to 45 minutes.


Primary Education Thinking Skills – Virtual PETS™ 3 Curriculum Activities

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Virtual PETS™ 3 Curriculum Activities contains the digital version of each exercise that features your favorite PETS™ characters with pieces that can be manipulated to solve the puzzles together with the class on your interactive smart-boards, in small groups, or individually on Chromebooks!