• Treasure Island Escape Room

    Have You Tried Our Escape Room Activities???

    These new Escape Room Mysteries are sweeping the nation! Great for the entire class to work together to solve the clues or for smaller groups to solve individual clues.  Each packet contains the objectives, clues, instructions on organizing the class, and preparing the room. There are no locks for the teacher to set or the
  • Explorations in Social Studies

    Independent Extensions Projects for Gifted and High Ability Students by Rae Harris and Elizabeth Duncan Explorations in Social Studies is designed to help teachers in 3rd through 6th grade classrooms differentiate instruction for students who quickly master grade level material. It makes independent activities easily available to use in the mixed-ability classroom and includes supplementary materials
  • How To Read & Report Nonfiction

    20 Reading Comprehension Activities and 12 Writing Activities for Reporting Research Without Copying Latest Book by Author/Speaker Dr. Keith Polette is Now Available! Students often meet the “limits” of their “literacy” because they fail to connect ideas and make associations in order to construct connotative meanings as they read. The activities in this book will
  • Underachievement and Overexcitabilities Front Cover

    Underachievement & Overexcitabilities: Challenges and Strategies for Success by Carolyn Coil

    An Introduction to Underachievement & Overexcitabilities: Challenges and Strategies for Success by Carolyn Coil Read more, see sample pages, and buy the book here. In the early 1990s I began my study of underachievement. At that time I found a small amount of research that focused on what I now call Classic Underachievement. Over the
  • blackelk

    Black Elk and The Black Hills of South Dakota

    The Black Hills of South Dakota are a magnificent and beautiful place filled with history.  The historical people from this area tend to be colorful and their lives both rich and difficult.  From weather, to the gold rush, to expeditions, to Native American People, lives were filled with excitement and tragedy.  When I first came