Simple Story of the 3 Pigs and the Scientific Wolf

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Once upon a time there were 3 little girl pigs plagued by the tricky wolf, but this was not an ordinary wolf. Oh no, this wolf knows about Science and Simple Machines! The question is – does he know how to use them correctly?

Meet the son of the “Big Bad Wolf” and the daughters of the “Three Little Pigs” in this illustrated (ready-to-color) take-off of the original. In this Read-Along story, the son thinks he is wiser and more clever than his father and can use his scientific knowledge of machines in order to capture the three pigs for “piggy jam,” “piggy cake,” and “piggy pizza.”

Using his charm, “Little pig, little pig, a new friend you’ve made. Open the door and don’t be afraid,” the young wolf uses an inclined plane, a lever, a wheel and axle, wedges, gears, and a screw to catch the pigs. But the young wolf doesn’t quite use his critical thinking skills along with his scientific knowledge!

The book includes a Science Attitude Survey, 8 Simple Machine Lesson Plans for hands-on learning, 8 Extended Challenge Activities, 8 “Critical/Creative Thinking Questions,” and an end-of-unit Assessment.

The activities are correlated to the National Science Standards and include Objectives for Students.

Mary Fetzner is also author of “The Magic of Magnets.”

Click here for an additional lesson plan to go with the book! *Provided by LEARN NC.

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1 review for Simple Story of the 3 Pigs and the Scientific Wolf

  1. Lady Lilith

    This book is about the next genration worf. He has wants to be like his father and eat the three pigs. Unlike his father, he came up with new wasy to get to the pigs.

    With science on his side, the little worlf tries hard to get the pigs, The pigs on the other hand, use science to protect themselves.

    Overall, this book is amazing. I loved reading it to the kids and the kids loved listening to it being read. The only issue, I had was with the illustrations. I felt them to look like small coloring book boxes.

    Aside from the illustrations, this book is a great read out loud for older kids. They will love doing the projects and seeing if the wolf succedded or not.

    I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. For more great educational toy and book reviews, check out Little Lady Plays

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