Literature Wordokus – Level II


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Combine the fun and logic of popular sudoku puzzles with questions that instantly engage intermediate students, pre teens, and teens, and you have a motivator to excite students about reading classic and award-winning literature. The questions and puzzles require no previous knowledge of the authors and literature they address.

These thought-provoking questions elicit immediate connections between great book worlds and the present-day. Each question includes information about a specific work and/or author and then ponders these same issues in the lives and world of today's students. The questions can also be used for group discussions and for the basis for more extensive, fully developed essays.

The Sudoku-style puzzles are based on words that relate to the book in some way – author, title, character, theme, or setting. Use the puzzles as a preliminary interest hooker or as a home activity that keeps the student connected to the book as it is being read.

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