Do you have a great idea for a book you think we should publish?  We would love to hear about it.  As a cutting-edge publisher, we continue to search for innovative ideas and unique ways to present enrichment activities and thinking skills to students.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with us as a company and the types of books we publish.  Descriptions of our books and sample pages are available on our website.  If you feel your book would be a good fit with us, send an e-mail to Tyler ([email protected])!

In that e-mail, there are specific things we need to know about your book.  Please include:

  •          Statement of the Right of First Refusal that gives Pieces of Learning the first rights to review the book and accept or reject it
  •          A working title
  •          Anticipated length of your manuscript – we do not normally publish books less than 64 pages (but do make exceptions)
  •          Intended audience – for which grade levels is your book relevant?
  •          A description of the contents of the book
  •          A specific answer to the question, “Who needs this book and why?”
  •          How does your title complement the other titles currently published by Pieces of Learning?
  •          If you already have a completed manuscript, it may be submitted along with these required materials.
  •          Your contact information and current résumé

Our review process takes approximately 4 weeks. After that, if the response is positive, we will ask to review your full manuscript or ask you to keep going with your idea depending on where you are in the process.  Your manuscript must be submitted in an electronic (WORD) format.  At this point, we would also request a .pdf or hard copy of your vision for the formatting of the book.

We do not normally publish:

  •          Children’s/Picture Books
  •          Four-Color Texts or Illustrations
  •          Biographies/Autobiographies
  •          Poetry