Shannon AndersonShannon Anderson has taught for 25 years, from first grade through college level and has written books for children and teachers. She has been the gifted coordinator for her school corporation and served as the regional advisor for the Indiana Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Shannon was named one of the top 10 Teachers who inspired the Today Show in 2019 and was named Person of the Year in 2018 by the JC Runyon Foundation.

Shannon is an award winning teacher who has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and in USA today. She is a frequent keynoter and loves to do author visits to inspire young readers and writers. Shannon has written over a dozen books and has spoken at over 100 events. She lives in Indiana with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters, Emily and Madison. Learn more at

Shannon’s Speaking Topics

Be an Amazing Writing Teacher

Want strategies to stretch your writers’ potential and increase their creativity? Children’s book author, teacher, and gifted coordinator, Shannon Anderson, will share her experience from the classroom and as a professional writer to give you tips and exercises you will use for years to come.

Writing from Beginning to End!

We all know how crucial it is to nail the beginning and ending of a story, opinion piece, or report. Why not dedicate an entire workshop on these two important factors? Author and teacher, Shannon Anderson, will guide you through her favorite tips and exercises to get your students writing beginnings that amaze and endings you will praise.

Go the Extra Smile

Want to teach in a classroom where the students look forward to coming to school every day? Award-winning teacher, Shannon Anderson, shares ways to find the time, resources, and energy to go the extra smile for a fun, engaging classroom environment. Revive your passion for teaching and connecting with your kids in this upbeat session, packed with ideas!

Ready, Set, Grow!

Author and teacher, Shannon Anderson, shares the power of developing and maintaining a growth mindset to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Named one of the top 10 Teachers who inspired the Today Show in 2019, Shannon has a passion for equipping students with the strategies they need to be kind, positive thinkers.

Bossy Pants, Perfectionists, and Slackers, Oh My!

As a classroom teacher, you know that it is not only a challenge to meet students’ academic needs, but also their unique social and emotional needs. Learn strategies to help kids develop appropriate mindsets, coping strategies, and leadership skills. Mentor texts ideas, and activities will be shared.

There’s a Book for That!

Do you love to launch your lessons with the perfect mentor text? Teacher and children’s book author, Shannon Anderson will share her favorite books for introducing literacy, writing, and character skills. Leave with many amazing titles and lesson ideas that your students will love.

From a Love of Books to Writing Them!

Author, Shannon Anderson, shares her journey from a kid working in her local library, to a teacher writing and publishing multiple children’s books. Learn how she made her dream a reality and how she continues to motivate kids to love writing too. See a behind the scenes look at the process a writer goes through from idea, to manuscript, to contract, to book!

Your Story Matters KEYNOTE

Our stories connect the past and present to the future. They can inspire hope, teach perseverance, and strengthen our faith. Most importantly, our stories connect us to each other in powerful ways. Shannon shares the importance of telling our stories and learning from the stories of others.



“I was so impressed with Shannon’s presentation to our elementary students!  In fact, it was the best presentation on writing for young people that I have seen in 21 years of teaching!  She shared many specific writing tips with our students, and I could see my writers drinking in all she had to say.  Her emphasis on revision and responding to feedback was especially good, and I think it helped my readers accept my critiques of their writing more readily.”
-Gina Boyd, 4/5 High Ability Teacher

“Shannon Anderson’s visit to Mayflower Mill was fantastic.  She was a joy to work with.  The children were captivated and the teachers were very complimentary.  I would recommend a visit with her anytime.”
-Susie Eros, Library Aide, Mayflower Mill Elementary School, Lafayette, Indiana

“Shannon visited our K-6 school. The response from all teachers and students was overwhelmingly positive.  The teachers were especially pleased with the fact that Shannon explained the process she goes through from draft to publication as a writer.  Shannon has great rapport with students.  I was so pleased to have teachers tell me that this was the best author visit we’ve ever had at our school!” -Molly Henry, Literacy Coach, Greenwood Elementary, Toledo, Ohio

“Thank you again for sharing your afternoon with us yesterday. You are an inspiration to the young and old at heart. How you can motivate the average person to want to go and write their own book the same day they meet you, it is just captivating! I will share that one of our 3rd Grade Teachers is starting her very own “Deed Diary” today! Another 3rd Grade Teacher is looking to begin an Author’s Night. All of these things are happening because of YOU!”
– David Myers, Title One Director, Kankakee Valley School Corporation 

“I loved your visit with Mintonye! Your background knowledge and experience teaching, was very helpful when it came to relaying information to the student authors. You did a wonderful job relating to the students and speaking their language.”
-Karin Schurman, Kindergarten Teacher, Tippecanoe School Corporation

“I wanted to send a huge thank you for your time and presentation of your hard work. I truly enjoyed your session on writing and sharing your love of writing as well as your presentation to the students. My students can’t stop talking about how exciting it was to meet an author! Your books are so great, entertaining, and such a great example of excellent writing. Today we read “Nicken Chuggets” and created our own spoonerism posters. Again, I so much appreciated having you visit our school.”
-Chris Ellert, 4th grade teacher, Prairie Heights Elementary

Writing Workshop for Teachers
“Shannon’s presentation was full of useful ideas and examples that can be implemented in any classroom. If you weren’t sure about the importance of writing and the steps to help facilitate appropriate writing practices, her presentation puts everything in perspective. Shannon makes teaching good writing techniques simple and provides examples that can and should be used everyday.”
-Amy O’Boyle, DIrector of Special Education at St. Charles in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Writing Workshop for Adult Writers
Shannon’s Picture Book Boot Camp is a marvelous introduction into the world of picture book writing. From word counts to number of pages, plot thoughts, and resource guides, Shannon gives you a detailed overview of how to get started writing picture books. It is a wealth of information that helps give the novice author the confidence that this might just be possible to do.
Her critiques are positive and encouraging, allowing the beginner writer to feel motivated to keep trying and to put whatever effort necessary for a successful book. Her suggestions are useful and insightful and her compliments sincere. Receiving Shannon’s critique left me feeling pleased with what I had motivated me to make it better.
-Rosemary Bogdan, Michigan Writing Workshop