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Monthly Web Investigations for the Classroom

People, places, animals, and events all hook the interest of students, and with minimal teacher direction stimulate further investigation utilizing the accessibility of the internet. Encourage students to research monthly and daily events for independent study, in-depth research, and cooperative learning tasks. Authors Emily Melvin and Erica Dial hand picked web sites that will engage students in their investigations.

Over 150 National daily events for both enrichment and content based topics including . . .


Static Electricity Day
Bird Day
Thomas Edison Day
Kite Flying Day
World Health Day
Earth Day

Social Studies

Human Rights Day
Lewis & Clark Day
Australia Day
Bill of Rights Day


Pi Day
Dollar Day
Stock Market Crash Day


Language Arts

Longfellow’s Birthday
Dictionary Day
Children’s Book Day
Encourage a Young Writer Day
Punctuation Day
International Literacy Day

Fun Days

Popcorn Day
Opposite Day
Backwards Day
Puzzle Day
Lost Penny Day
National Honesty Day


Over 30 Monthly Investigations include

American History
Potato Lovers
Music in Our Schools
Get Caught Reading
Fruit and Vegetable
Good Manners
Stamp Collecting
Family History
Family Stories
Write a Friend
Child Safety and Protection

. . . Month

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