Constructing Curriculum Units Using Backward Design

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A Step-by-Step Model & 20 Ready-to-Use Units

Why do I have to learn any of “this?”
What does any of “this” have to do with me at this time in my life – or ever?

When students answer the Essential Questions of a backward designed unit, learning becomes relevant, and answers to those student questions becomes apparent.

The concept of backward design dates back to the late 1940s, and although educators understand this valid concept, they are often tied to textbooks or last year’s lesson plans when creating units of study. Teachers tend to design curriculum around only content rather than design learning experiences around the Overarching Concepts and Essential Questions that relate to standards and are at the heart of learning.

Authors Liz Fayer, Ed.S., and Dr. Sally Walker simplify the backward design unit-writing process so it is no longer confusing or overwhelming. In a workbook approach, they escort you through a step-by-step model.

The authors’ model that incorporates standards, offers easy-to-follow instructions moving from the great ideas (Overarching Concepts) we want our students to understand to the Essential Questions students will answer as they learn and demonstrate skills necessary to respond to formative and summative assessments. With these new understandings and skills, they can transfer that learning to real-life situations.

The 20 completed units include concepts in math, science, social studies, and language arts at the elementary and middle school levels.

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