Coil RTI Progress Monitoring Forms™ for Gifted Learners


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Gifted students struggle, too. The RTI approach involves gathering, monitoring, and evaluating assessment data. Using specific strategies and interventions with individual students is the first step in the RTI approach.

Using the 33 100% customizable WORD files or the print-on-demand PDF Files or hard copy of these forms allows you to apply the existing forms or design your own plans and then record the results on the Coil RTI Progress Monitoring Form™ . You can then link student needs to specific interventions.

Some students need interventions to deal with academic skills. Progress Monitoring Forms in this packet that are beneficial include these topics:

* Curriculum Compacting
* Math Problem Solving
* Tiered Lessons and Units

Other students need motivation or organizational skills or help with appropriate classroom behavior. Progress Monitoring Forms in this packet that meet those needs include these topics:

* Fear of Failure
* Goal Setting
* Group Work
* Learning Preferences
* Listening Skills
* Negative Peer Pressure
* Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence


Use the appropriate Coil RTI Progress Monitoring Form™ to measure and record student progress often during the intervention process. Close monitoring advises you whether or not the intervention is working. Assessment of progress and ways to determine a stopping point for the intervention or interventions are both important in this process. Page 3 of each topic allows for reflections and decisions about the intervention used.

Because progress in many of the targeted behaviors and skills cannot be determined by a test score alone, it is important to use other assessment methods including teacher observations, checklists, and rating scales in addition to performance assessments. Each type of assessment is included on each set of topic forms.

Sample completed forms are provided. Written by Carolyn Coil.

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