Underachievement & Overexcitabilities: Challenges and Strategies for Success



by Staff Development Presenter Carolyn Coil

Underachievement & Overexcitabilities: Challenges and Strategies for Success not only defines underachievement and overexcitabilities, but offers practical strategies to use for both types of students.

Carolyn’s latest book describes strategies for building self-esteem, self-confidence, and a growth mindset; strategies for stress management, organizational skills, and goal setting, as well as, strategies for personalized learning that build motivation and interest. Reproducible activity sheets and rubrics are also included in the book.

This book describes and addresses the needs of Classic Underachievers, but other types of underachievers are discussed as well. It also identifies the different types of overexcitabilities (Psychomotor, Sensual, Emotional, Intellectual, and Imaginational), and how each leads to challenges for students and those around them.

In this book Carolyn has considered each type of underachiever and each of the overexcitabilities (OE’s) separately with examples of real students, positives and negatives for each, and suggested strategies. At the same time, she saw a number of similar traits and overlapping needs in these students. As Carolyn began writing the portion of the book dealing with strategies to use, she realized that many of the strategies she suggested could be used with both types of students.

The bulk of this book consists of practical strategies and how to implement and use them. Whenever possible, Carolyn delineates which types of students might best benefit from a particular strategy. It is her hope,  however, that the reader will think about individual students and pick strategies that appear to be workable for them.


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