Critical Thinking and Creative Responses


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53 Activities Using the Possibility Chart

by Author and Educational Consultant Laura Magner

Creative and critical thinking are 21st century priority skills needed for 21st century careers.
Using combinations of nouns from the provided Possibility Charts, students use critical thinking to produce creative products in
6 math, 4 science, 28 language arts, 7 social studies, and 31 critical/creative thinking activities.

  • that tackle vocabulary, parts of speech, grammar, & figurative language
  • in narrative, expressive, informational, & persuasive writing and dialog
  • that are springboards for in-depth investigations and creative projects in the content areasLessons include
  • Target skills
  • Definition of terms
  • Teaching strategy and procedure
  • Model examples
  • Common Core Anchor standards in Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening, and Language; NAGC national critical thinking standards 1, 3, and 4

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