Passion Project Teacher’s Guide


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by John Lester

The Passion Project Teacher’s Guide is your resource for implementing Passion Projects in your classroom. Passion Projects allow students to study topics or subjects of interest as individuals or in groups.

Allowing students to study topics of interest is an ideal differentiation strategy designed to increase student passion in the classroom and allow students to learn and study independently.

Instruction pages are included for students and can easily be copied for each student or used independently of each other. For example, if you already have a nice research format you use with students that format can be used in place of the information provided and easily becomes the research step which is STEP 3.

Passion Project Journal pages are included for students to maintain a journal of their work. As many pages as necessary can be copied for each student or student group in order for them to create journals for their project work. Passion Projects encourage students to develop characteristics of a 21st Century college and career learner as they:

•Demonstrate independence
•Build strong core academic content knowledge
•Communicate effectively and creatively
•Solve problems and make decisions wisely
•Value research evidence
•Use technology and digital media strategically and capably
•Understand other perspectives and cultures
•Become effective, ethical, and knowledgeable leaders

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