Demystifying Differentiation in Elementary

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Demystifying Differentiation in Elementary School is an excellent, practical resource for teachers and administrators who are ready to take differentiation to the next level in their classrooms and schools, who believe that differentiation works, and who are looking for more examples of it.

There are many books available about curriculum differentiation; most of them address the theory and rationale behind differentiation and discuss models and strategies that support it. Some offer limited examples of differentiated tasks and activities. However, few provide comprehensive collections of activities that demonstrate how to use differentiation in different subject areas at a variety of grade levels in mixed-ability elementary classrooms.

Educators are asking, "Where can I find a book that has a bunch of these kinds of activities already written for me to use in my classroom?"

Demystifying Differentiation in Elementary School answers their question by offering completed samples of Think-Tac-Toes, RAFT Activities, and Tiered Assignments in various topic areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, specific standards are indicated, objectives are stated, and materials are suggested for each of the 48 examples.

The Elementary downloadable content has 48 completed customizable WORD files including these topic areas:

Paragraphs, Compound Words,Consonants & Vowels, Folktales,Handwriting, Nouns,Reference Materials, Synonyms,Addition & Subtraction, Standard & Metric Measurement,Graphing, Money,3-D Figures, Mammals,The Hydrosphere, Parts of Flowers,Weathering/Erosion, Families,Historical Figures, Map-Reading,Needs and Wants, Telling Time,Fractions, Probability,Deserts, The Solar System,Matter, Trees,American Revolution, Landforms,Indian Tribes, U.S. States,Families, and Character, Plot, Setting

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    “I am so glad to see the selection ‘Demystifying Differentiation in Elementary School.’ It isn’t so much that differentiation’s a mystery, but that it takes so much time to do it correctly! The ideas, lessons, activities and forms in this book will make the task much easier for my staff.”
    -Diane F., Assistant Principal, Southlake TX

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