Differentiation, RTI, and Achievement

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The framework of your district-level RTI plan is approved; your leadership team is in place; you’ve determined the approach. Interventions will originate from research/evidence-based differentiation strategies you’ve become skilled at by attending professional development workshops

Screening –Intervention – Monitoring – Achievement – Student Success.

Differentiation, RTI, and Achievement: How They Work Together offers 12 specific academic and behavioral student vignettes, detailed examples of assessments of research-based interventions, blank assessment forms for your use, and supportive templates. All forms and checklists are in PDF or customizable WORD format on the included CD. Authored by Carolyn Coil.

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1 review for Differentiation, RTI, and Achievement

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    “I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your presentation and the materials in the book. For the past week, I have been using several of your checklists with about 30 of my students. I have been trying for years to help my struggling students, but it wasn’t until I attended your seminar that I finally found a way to easily implement differentiation not only from my level but also from the teaching level. I already have teachers asking about what I am doing when I meet with both the students and the parents. For the first time, many of these students are leaving a conference with me with hope in their eyes, because for the first time I have been able to more concisely document where their weaknesses lay and can begin working on solutions. This whole framework of yours saves so much time by allowing me to focus specifically rather than generally on ways of improving their performance in the classroom.”
    -Gordon D., Junior High Principal, Loma Linda CA

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