Making Literature Circles Come Alive

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Use literature circles to differentiate instruction using Novice, Developing, and Expert levels. To respond thoughtfully to top level questions, students must understand HOW to engage in high level thinking and questions. Making Literature Circles Come Alive lays a solid foundation and provides step-by-step plans and hands-on activities to directly teach students about high level thinking. Includes learning to recognize, develop, and classify high level questions using Bloom's Taxonomy; 12 easy-to-use and easy-to-create Visual Tools, Drama Tools, Vocabulary Tools, and Discussion Tools and game providing 70 questions and challenges as examples of high level questions.

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2 reviews for Making Literature Circles Come Alive

  1. Loyal Customer

    Making Literature Circles Come Alive by author Amy Hamra Humphreys is a wonderful book. I love the book’s layout. She starts with setting the stage in an effort to maximize the use of literature circles by helping students to think critically and to help students engage in meaningful discussions about novels and other pieces of written work. She even has activities in this book that “Sets the Stage” for the literature circles.
    The author also shares dynamic tools for making literature circles work effectively. She builds background and then includes activities to make her work come alive.
    I will definitely incorporate her strategies into my lessons as I engage students in reading. I have found that students like dramatizing and what better way to get them to read than to give them a purpose for reading. Hamra Humphreys has enlightened me and given me a new perspec-tive, not only on challenging my students, but making reading more interesting.
    Mashika Jackson

  2. Loyal Customer

    “Making Lit Circles Come Alive is so clear, easy to understand and very well organized. I especially like the Novel Quest game.”
    -Pamela Rosa, Staff Development Coordinator, Pekin, IL

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