It’s Your Attitude That Counts!


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Examining Attitudes about Work and Play, Bullying, and Other Matters

It’s Your Attitude That Counts points out the importance of attitudes in a way that isn’t preachy. The activities help students arrive at insights about the subject of attitudes by discussing, searching, and writing. For example, “Hope” and “Good Grief” point out, subtly, the advantages of having a positive outlook in life. “Rosy” has students verifying the ability of people to turn apparently negative events and conditions into positive experiences. “Life’s Little Annoyances” has the students dealing with pet peeves in positive ways.

It’s Your Attitude That Counts is different from other books that deal with character development or moral education in that it involves the students in ideas, has them reflect upon those ideas and, finally, has them do something with their ideas. This pedagogical model allows students to use their own preferred ways of learning when they want to know more about a topic.

A genuine change of attitude won’t necessarily come about as a result of participating in the activities of the book, but the thinking and feeling that are brought about by engaging in the activities can very well be a first step in appreciating the vital importance of a good attitude.

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