Research Book for Gifted Programs K-8 – Revised Edition

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100s of activities to aid the gifted student in developing research skills. The activities are differentiated to speak to the specific needs of individual gifted students, many of whom may already be independent thinkers and fluent learners. A research skills taxonomy checklist helps teachers manage student skill levels before they proceed with activities. Students use resources to complete the activities, including a dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, and the Internet. The first of five sections offers activities to develop thinking skills to use context clues in critical reading. The second section provides practice with such research skills as deciding what resource to use to look up a map of Canada or another word for conservation. The final three sections provide appropriate activities for primary grades, middle grades, or grades 7-8. The primary section offers hands-on observational activities, picture book research, and practice using simple reference tools. The middle-grade section includes an introduction to the research process and forms for note taking, as well as directions for outlining, writing bibliographies, and creating a mini-newspaper. The grade 7-8 section includes instructions for how to take a poll and how to research historical decisions. Research cards at all three levels suggest project topic questions for independent research.

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1 review for Research Book for Gifted Programs K-8 – Revised Edition

  1. Donna Koepke

    This is a book specifically for teachers of gifted students. Many gifted students, although they can do many things, do not have the independent learning skills they need to meet their potential. This book offers a program of independent study for these students. The book also gives characteristics of gifted students and how to individualize independent study for each student.

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