It’s a Myth!


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Engage students in world cultures and history and encourage them to think analytically by comparing and contrasting modern culture with these legends. Polette presents 65+ Greek, Roman, and Norse myths that inspire students to become avid consumers of this unique form of literature. Common Core anchor standards for Writing and Reading/language arts objectives are indicated.
Myths are told through the “I Have…Who Has?” strategy. Activities ask students to:

  • Apply productive and critical thinking skills to the literature
  • Become producers of their own unique form of writing

Lessons use a variety of instructional strategies and include:

  • Sentence starters that set the stage for the specific myth
  • Summaries of the myth
  • Activities that call for creativity and higher-level thinking in poetry, summaries, acronyms, similes, rewriting, SCAMPER, character development, story structure, proverbs, acrostics, and more.

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