Challenging Puzzles: Language Arts

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Next in her series of Challenging Puzzles are Wuzzles, Coded Quotes, Matrix Logic Puzzles, Sudokus, Jig Saw Puzzles, Anagrams, Grammar Libs, Mazes, Fallen Letters, I Have…Who Has, Crosswords, and SAT Preps. Categories include Punctuation, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Literature.

Motivate students and energize language arts classes with these Wuzzles, Grammargories, Anagrams, Coded Quotes, Fallen Phrases, Logic Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles, SAT Challenges, Grammar Games and Libs, Sudokus, and Jigsaw Puzzles. Topics include spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and literature connections.
Puzzles encourage systematic thinking; reinforce critical reading skills; develop problem solving and higher-order thinking skills; develop the ability to analyze, organize, and evaluate information; and are fun!
These standards-based deductive reasoning puzzles extend standards, provide research opportunities, and enhance critical thinking skills. Linking these puzzles to content helps students master language arts objectives.

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