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Educators are increasingly looking toward comic books to encourage children’s literacy and English language skills.. “For kids who may be struggling and for kids who may be new to the English language, that visual sequence is a powerful tool.” Michael Bitz, Colubia University Teachers College Comic Book Project

Comics in Your Curriculum is a teacher-friendly guide to integrate comics into language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Each of the engaging lessons is correlated to National Education Standards and packs your curriculum with humor!


*Investigate the history of comics in an internet scavenger hunt
*Learn sequencing with scrambled comics
*Learn how to draw comics in a 5-step lesson
*Discover Superphonics in a reading and language activity
*Create an information math comic
*In a cooperative group design a food chain comic
*Draw historical happenings
*Make clip art and fraction comics
*Research to draw invention comics
*Imagine an alien election in comic format
*Make a comic collage

The activities begin with the students’ prior content knowledge, progress through organized steps, and include closure. The authors provide…

*lesson plans
*drawing worksheets
*assessment rubrics

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  1. From TEMPO Magazine

    If you are looking for a different way to interest the students in your classroom, it may be integrating comics into your curriculum. The subtitle of this book is: Teacher-Friendly Activities for Making and Integrating Comics with Reading, Math, Science, and Other Subjects in Your Classroom. Teachers who like to differentiate the process will enjoy packing their curriculum with humor through integrating comics. Bring an armful of comic pages into your classroom and watch the excitement build.
    Comics are a kid-friendly art that can be used in most curriculum areas. Students enjoy creating and imagining comics in engaging lessons. In this book, students investigate the history of comics and learn how important sequencing can be in humorous comics. See the rest of the review here: – Summer 2012 “TEMPO”

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