Design DI: CAP Activities for Process Differentiation


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Use “CAP Activities…” to differentiate by process within your classroom!

The purpose of this book is to introduce teachers to CAP Activities and offer guidance in implementing them. The CAP Activities are linked to Kaplan’s icons for depth and complexity and examples are provided across grade levels and content areas. Templates to create your own activities are provided. CAP Activities are beneficial to all learners but will ABSOLUTELY lend themselves toward elevating rigor in assignments.

Creative – Analytical – Practical

These activities/tasks will require students to manipulate new content in ways that are most appropriate to their preferred learning modes. Their modes may (and will) change on a daily basis, but at the end of a CAP activity, students will see improved retention and recall of information learned through these thinker types. This makes teachers more effective in their use of instructional time and students more successful when asked to recall and use the information they have learned.

Sample Pages
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