Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S.™) 2 Updated

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“I have been using the PETS™ materials with our classes and have been pleased at the wonderful creative responses from the children. The lessons are challenging and provide great portfolio items to use for identification. The teachers have been involved and tell me that they look forward to each new lesson. It works! They get involved!” Janet W. – Waco, TX


I am the gifted resource teacher at a PK-6th grade school. For the last 4 years I have been using “Primary Education Thinking Skills” with all of the first grade classes on a regular basis. I go into each of the classrooms weekly with new lessons from PETS. The teachers stay in the classroom and use this time to observe their own students. Teachers and parents love the skills taught by these fun loving characters. The students often make comments throughout the week such as “You mean to think like Dudley?”! I use PETS books 2 and 3 in the resource class with the gifted students!…
–R. Hill, Alabama


Now Includes the Entire book (as a .pdf) and NEW Management Forms! (Using a download code.)

PETS™ 2 is an extension of those thinking strategies from the original PETS book. Students now discover how the characters blend their thinking skills as they work together to solve problems.

Each section includes read-aloud stories, a series of whole class activities, detailed lesson plans, reproducibles, and additional activities for small groups.


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4 reviews for Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S.™) 2 Updated

  1. Loyal Customer

    “These kids who have been exposed to PETS for books 1 and 2 seem to be a lot more flexible thinkers than the other kids.”
    -Teresa Pawlik, Atlanta

  2. Loyal Customer

    “I love seeing knowledge carried over from 1st to 2nd grade, Book 1 to Book 2. My students really enjoy the program. I’ve used Book 1 since 1997!”
    -Beverly Pryor, TX

  3. Loyal Customer

    “I recently purchased the PETS™ program and have been using the activities with my 2nd grade gifted students. They absolutely LOVE the ‘brainfocals’ and the creativity of the activities and characters.”
    -Cathy Savery, FL

  4. Loyal Customer

    “PETS™ is the most outstanding curriculum I’ve found on the market to date to familiarize students with thinking skills and problem solving processes commonly associated with gifted curriculum. Though it appears to have been designed to assist in identifying potential GT students in the classroom, it can and has been used effectively in an existing GT program. The curriculum introduces strategies, processes and skills used in GT programs in a most novel, comprehensive, engaging, meaningful way. Students respond with delight, enthusiasm, and clarity of understanding. In my 30+ years of working in gifted education, I’ve not found any commercial product more helpful, teacher friendly, kid friendly, thorough, effective, and beneficial as the PETS™ materials. Hats off to its creators!”
    -Nancy Stiles, Carson City NV, 2009

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