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Raise the achievement of your struggling students! The RTI approach involves assessing problem areas for individual students, choosing appropriate interventions and strategies to use with these students, and then monitoring and evaluating their performance as specific interventions are introduced and carried out.

Use the reproducible hard copies of the Progress Monitoring Forms or print from the CD the 100% customizable 3-page WORD Forms and print-on-demand PDF Forms for each intervention. Use the existing forms or design others using the blank Template on the CD. Sample completed sample forms help clarify how to use the forms in the monitoring process. Written by Carolyn Coil.

These Forms provide a user-friendly and practical way to link individual student needs to specific interventions and then monitor their effectiveness. Classroom Behavior Progress Monitoring Forms in this packet:

* Fear of Failure
* Goal Setting
* Group Work
* Learning Preferences
* Negative Peer Pressure
* Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence

Academic Progress Monitoring Forms in this packet:

* Comprehension: Listening & Speaking
* Comprehension: Reading & Writing
* Number Sense
* Phonemic Awareness
* Sequencing Skills
* Spelling/Vocabulary Patterns
* Test Taking Skills
* Tiered Lessons/Units: Level 1
* Using Graphic Organizers

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