Define & Design


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by Author and Educational Consultant Laura Magner

Define & Design’s 40 cards allow students to ponder and explain common language and expressions. Then, students spin a creative twist creating new phrases! Duplicate cards, laminate them, and/or make each card a transparency to use with the whole class. Expressions can be discussed in partners and small groups and new expressions can be completed individually; or cards can be placed in learning enrichment/anchor centers. Students have 40 cards from which to choose.

 Each card has two parts:

 DEFINE: Students fully define the given expression – what it is, what it means, why we have it, do it, or say it. Students can search the internet for phrases, and they can interview parents and grandparents to discuss the meaning of the expressions. Then discuss findings orally in class and/or write thoughts on the cards.

 DESIGN: After researching and discussing what the given expression means and why we have it, do it, or say it, students then design an original/updated/21st century task or expression that stands for the same idea as the given expression. Students may work individually or in pairs and write and illustrate the new expression or task.

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