Fairy Tales on Trial

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Students discover a unique way to determine the fine line between “doing wrong” and “crime.” They “study” character education by “doing” – using fairy tales and simulating investigation and trials. The activities challenge students as they use all language arts skills: critical reading, analytical thinking and writing, speaking and drama.

Use with the entire class, choosing an appropriate case by its complexity and appropriate level of challenge. The class creates all elements of a case and presents the case to another class, who becomes the jury. All roles are clearly described. Enrichment educators can use the cases with small groups of gifted and talented children.

Parents will enjoy helping their children practice their roles, gather props, and create “costumes.” The confidence their children gain in their reading, thinking and speaking skills will be well received.

Engage students in cooperative teamwork to create each case, to work as prosecution and defense teams, as well as to deliberate and make decisions. These same skills are goals of the U.S. Department of Education. They are also workplace objectives.

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2 reviews for Fairy Tales on Trial

  1. Loyal Customer

    “It was such a pleasure to read Fairy Tales on Trial. So often we hear about our children no being challenged in school; however, Trials teaches not only the legal system, but encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and the consequences of ‘breaking the law.’ Most importantly, you have captured every child’s imagination with the clever and creative way to combine a fairy tale with a solid educational experience. It is truly inspiring that our children can learn such a valuable lesson in civics and have so much fun.”
    -Lee Scott Perres, Attorney, IL

  2. LaChez Bowie

    As someone who loves Law and Order and any mystery show, this book is right up my alley! It would be great for gifted students because they will enjoy the challenge of becoming a defense lawyer, prosecution lawyer, or a judge. The fact that the entire class has a role, whether it is a juror, witness, or bailiff, will keep all students engaged and excited.

    The Fairy Tales are all familiar, easy, and fun stories, which students will enjoy reading, analyzing, and defending. Trials can even be used for other stories or books students are reading. The assessment of student performance also holds students accountable for their role in the trial, so no student is left doing all the work by themselves. I can’t wait to use this book in my classroom. I’m sure the students will be begging for the next trial!

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