Grammatica, Latin Grammar Lessons for 4th-8th Grades


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Grammatica is designed to give late elementary/early middle school students an age-appropriate overview of the structure of the Latin language, basic Latin grammatical concepts, and Latin vocabulary.

Grammatica is separated into a Teacher’s Section and 6 Student Chapters. The Teacher’s Section includes Notes to the Teacher, Optional Student Checklists, Answer Keys for Student Chapters, Exams, and Answer Keys for the Exams.

The student chapters are broken down as follows:
Chapter 1 – Nouns, action verbs, word order, transitive sentences, and diagrams
Chapter 2 – Intransitive Sentences
Chapter 3 – Coordinating Conjunctions, gapping, and asyndeton
Chapter 4 – Noun cases, five declensions, and dictionary work
Chapter 5 – Four genders and nominative/accusative forms of neuter nouns
Chapter 6 – Personal pronouns and personal endings

Each student chapter is available for download (included in your purchase) from our Pieces of Learning Downloads website. You can print each chapter one at a time right from your computer as a student completes the previous chapter!

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