Math Rules! 5th – 6th – Includes PDF of Book

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25 week enrichment challenge for gifted or regular students offers math enrichment activities to develop logic and reasoning skills while building self-confidence and understanding of mathematics. These weekly challenges, written in only a few words, aim to develop creative and flexible mathematics problem-solving skills. Reproducible activity sheets for each grade include eight problems for each week. The wide range of topics includes number sense, estimation, patterns, fractions, geometry, and statistics. The difficulty level for each problem is noted and answers are included. – NOW INCLUDES PDF OF BOOK ON CD.

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1 review for Math Rules! 5th – 6th – Includes PDF of Book

  1. Loyal Customer

    Math Rules is absolutely wonderful. It really meets the math abilities of gifted students, and it also helps regular students use critical thinking. My students enjoyed the math enrichment. My students were very enthused during Math Rules time! They took pleasure in completing the daily activities. They really liked that there was not a lot of words for them to read. They liked that there were a lot of pictures to use to help solve the problems. Math Rules gave them a real strength in understanding math. Some of my students were displaying logical thinking and reasoning skills.
    I do suggest that you don’t use this book until half way through the school year when student have gained most of their math skills and objectives. This book should be used to build upon skills they are already mastered. I used this book the last month in school.
    I highly recommend this book to any teachers or parents who want to challenge their kids in critical thinking and problem solving. It makes kids look at math problems in a different light. They have to change things and manipulate things in order to come up with reasonable answers. I think my student began to really value math and problem solving. My students learned to communicate and express themselves mathematically. They were able to explain how they figured the answers out and come to their final answer. That’s what I loved the most about using this book with my students. They enjoyed the option of working by themselves, with partners, or in a group
    Dannette Walker

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