Lord of the Rings Curriculum Guide


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NAGC Curriculum Award Winner 2004

The Lord of the Rings teaches many great lessons about life, heroes, and the burdens that we must bear. This powerful story engages students who love reading good books, discussing interesting ideas, and completing fun activities. This unit is designed around the theme of a Quest. Indeed, we all have a quest that we must fulfill, and gifted children can be encouraged to identify and fulfill their own quest.

Teacher Instructional Pages contain objectives and standards. The unit is designed with 36 lessons with 36 reading assignments, one for each lesson. The student activity sheets are divided into three sections:

• Discussion questions
• Student activities
• Quest Question

Discussion questions challenge students to think deeply and answer the unanswerable questions. For most weeks, students will have a choice on the activity page. These activities enhance and encourage students’ creativity. There is also a Quest Question to complete as a journal activity.

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