Flying in Style: Differentiated STEM Activities

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Flying in Style, using the science theme of “flight,” brings together learning theory & instructional strategies that can be adapted to any subject matter. The theme engages and encourages active learning. Students solve problems, apply what they learn, interact with other students, engage in tactile and kinesthetic activities, ask questions, and reflect on the process.

Flying in Style offers brain compatible strategies that are divided into sections:

  • Climate Control, Getting Ready for Take Off, and Fasten Your Seat Belt present techniques for creating the best learning environment.
  • Cleared for Take-off helps students become actively engaged in the critical and creative thinking process.
  • Flying First Class suggests a variety of learning activities in the form of a Contract Activity Package. Students are offered a choice of activities using Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, learning styles, and flexible grouping. Assessment strategies and tactile learning tools, student contracts, research projects, tiered learning, tic-tac-toe, and Thinker Key activities are included.
  • Blooming High and MI includes a variety of subjects for students to research. Each topic can easily be formatted for independent contract work.
  • Group Aerodynamics demonstrates a variety of ways to group students using the content of the topic.
  • Dead Reckoning Math integrates the content concepts and factual information about flight with math to create interest and to aid standard math problem-solving.

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