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Drawing on her 50+ years of experience, Polette chooses her best strategies for the K-8th teacher. As a librarian, educator, and national speaker, Nancy knows what works and what doesn’t. She is a believer in providing models for both teacher and student before calling upon them to engage in an activity. And her activities go beyond simple knowledge and comprehension levels. They stimulate thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

Included are
• 32 Strategies to “Build Brain Power”
• strategies for sharing picture books, fairy tales, folktales, fantasy, and novels
• strategies that use poetry as a base
• activities to use with the Coretta Scott King Award Winners
• reader’s theatre
• connections between literature and social studies
• non fiction and 44 research reporting patterns

Many of her strategies begin with a familiar piece of children’s literature as a model followed by the activity. Once the model is understood, the strategy can be applied to many other forms of literature

• Activities include
• Topic talking
• Rank ordering
• Categorizing
• Inferring
• Questioning
• Cause and effect
• Pre reading journaling
• Topic focusing
• Predictive reading
• Shared reading
• Storyboards

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