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LET'S CELEBRATE OHIO takes a county approach to the study of the state. 4th grade – 9th grade students can investigate their state and counties first-hand. Activities are cross-curricular, tie in with proficiency outcomes and standards, and can be used as a classroom unit, enrichment, or individual Investigation.

Table of Contents

1. Around-the-World Brainstorming
2. Tracking Ohio's Past – Creating a Visual Time Line of Ohio's 200 Years
3. Who's Who Breakfast – Who's Who in Ohio History?
4. Surveying Sleuths – How Much Do People Really Know About Basic Ohio Facts?
5. Legends and Lore – Exploring Legends and Lore from Ohio's Oral History
6. First and Foremost, One and Only – What are Some of the Things that Make Ohio Special?
7. Barnstorming – Practicing Math and Map Skills While Locating Ohio's Bicentennial Barns
8. Anywhere, Ohio – What Makes Ohio's 87 Other Counties Different From Your County?
9. Beautiful Ohio – Exploring Ohio's State Song and Other Musical Representations of Ohio
10. A Buckeye Banquet – Exploring Ohio's Cultural and Ethnic Diversity through Food
11. Going, Going, Gone – Exploring Ohio's Wildlife History through a Time Line/Map Simulation
12. Planes, Trains, and Canal Boats – Exploring Past and Present Forms of Transportation in Ohio
13. What's in Your Trash Can? – Exploring Ohio's Many Industries and Industrial Leaders
14. Ohio Arguments – Exploring Current Issues in Ohio through Debate
15. Internet Inquiry – Exploring Ohio Information through an Internet Scavenger Hunt
16. Boy, Have You Changed! – Exploring Changes Seen in Ohio's Counties
17. Ohio County Quilt – Exploring Ohio's 88 Counties
18. A Picture is Worth 100 Words – Creating a Visual Word Representation of Ohio
19. Destination Ohio – Exploring Ohio's Many Destinations through Trip Planning
20. Ohio Fest – Creating a Festival to Showcase Student Learning About Ohio
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