Fantastic Social Studies Lessons Using Literature


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“Fantastic” Social Studies Lessons uses the popularity of students’ fantasy books as the “hook” to link literature and the social sciences. The 15 stand-alone lessons emphasize the themes of economics, civics, and geography.

Each of the lessons features social studies performance objectives, content connections, visuals, activity sheets, and extensions. Popular authors include L. Frank Baum, Roald Dahl, Jonathan Swift, J.M. Barrie, Philip Pullman, Norton Juster, Lewis Sachar, C.S. Lewis, Jr. R. R. Tolkien, Lemony Snicket and J.K. Rowling.


Who Needs This Book?
The gifted resource specialist is extremely perplexed.
How can he support curriculum beyond the standard text?
The reading teacher, desiring to make connections and alliances
Is searching for ways to link literature and the social sciences.
The classroom teacher, opportunist and plotter,
Wishes to take advantage of the popular “Mr. Potter.”
The librarian, while ready, willing, and eager,
Is tied to a schedule in which time is quite meager.
The social studies teacher has given serious thought
Of interesting ways economics can be taught.
All these educators are definitely yearning
To teach creatively while addressing standards of learning.
“Fantastic” Social Studies Lessons is just what is looked-for.
To teach quick & fun lessons . . . why ask for more?
Extension activities are included for the precocious.
(Plus lessons have “loopholes” for those who find monsters ferocious.)
Terrific Teachers and Marvelous Media Specialists are sure to find
Skills taught in “Fantastic” Social Studies Lessons will enrich the young mind.

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