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Liven up “people study” by bringing biography ALIVE!Polette presents activities that lead to research andwriting about famous American women, presidents, scientists, explorers,pioneers, and reformers. They “come alive” when students engage in eyewitnessaccounts, dramatic oral interpretation, and games.

Great lives can be recounted one line at a time, each linebeginning with a subsequent letter of the alphabet. Poetry reports,and readers’ theatre all become a part of biography study. An amazing trash bagbecomes Betsy Ross’s flag, Paul Revere’s horse orJohn Hancock’s pen.

Students analyze and compare lives using InventorBingo, Mixed-Up Biographies, Circle Biographies, Storyboards, SingingBiographies, and Hero Interviews. Biography Unitsfor Ben and Me, How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning, Snowflake Bentleyand The Double Life of Pocahontas are included.

Activities help students become careful researchers,competent writers, and effective communicators.

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