Advanced Fairy Tales on Trial

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” . . . an age appropriate version of an important element in our society . . .”

Learn it. Remember it. Live it. Right. Wrong. Consequences. Values that make the difference are found in Janis Silverman’s second book “Advanced” Fairy Tales. Some of the tales are less familiar; some are more complicated and take a more mature student to untangle the possible misbehaviors to be charged. But the teacher-tested results speak for themselves . . .

“. . . What a great way to teacher character education in the classroom . . .”

“. . . developing strategies for conflict resolution makes Advanced Fairy Tales on Trial a valuable addition to any resource or classroom library . . .”

“. . . Writing out their thoughts on the special forms has helped them to solidify their ideas before they speak . . best of all, the students and teachers had so much fun!”

“. . . My class had to rely on their listening and note-taking skills . . . as responsible jurors they did not want to miss any crucial details . . . I was surprised to see the amount of critical problem-solving that took place . . .”

Includes Criminal Behavior chart, Trial Roles, Trial Procedure, Opening, Closing and Legal Argument Forms, and Pre and Post trial questions. Tales include:
– The Tinder Box
– Cinderella
– Sleeping Beauty
– Two Bad Mice
– Toads and Diamonds The Gingerbread Boy
– The Bremen Town Musicians
– The Pied Piper of Hamelin
– Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
– The Hare and the Hedgehog

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2 reviews for Advanced Fairy Tales on Trial

  1. Loyal Customer

    I must say that I agree with the statement that teachers of gifted students must know about a variety of books that go beyond the normal grade level texts. Some of our gifted students are well read, and have read the books on the current grade level’s reading list. This book, by Janis Silverman, is very enlightening
    This book is for the teacher that wants a unique learning tool to teach character education through critical thinking and problem solving. This method of teaching involves two of the favorite things my seventh graders enjoy doing: talking/debating and working as a team. The trials from this book teach the children how to analyze values and characters in the lives of others, as well as in their own, using the framework of the judicial process. These mock trials present a setting where teamwork is imperative. The work will challenge them and allow them to express their creativity.
    Choosing one of these trials is an excellent way to teach the students about how choices affect your life, still enforcing character education and critical thinking. As I read through the exercises in this book, I noticed that most of the questions are higher level thinking questions that support Bloom’s Taxonomy and the level at which I want my students to achieve.
    The book includes fun activities we could use to engage our students and encourage higher order thinking.
    Leandra Roberts

  2. Loyal Customer

    “It was such a pleasure to read Fairy Tales on Trial. So often we hear about our children no being challenged in school; however, Trials teaches not only the legal system, but encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and the consequences of ‘breaking the law.’ Most importantly, you have captured every child’s imagination with the clever and creative way to combine a fairy tale with a solid educational experience. It is truly inspiring that our children can learn such a valuable lesson in civics and have so much fun.”
    -Lee Scott Perres, Attorney, IL

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