curiosita teaching: Integrating Creative Thinking

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Integrating Creative Thinking Into Your 21st Century Classroom

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By Patti Garrett Shade & Dr. Richard Shade

Creative Thinking is emerging to the forefront of education as an essential strategy for the successful development of our 21st century students. Creativity enhances all curricula when embedded in a rich content environment. Yet it often continues to be a missing component of teacher preparation programs and professional development offerings.

Educators often find it difficult to merge the skills associated with major initiatives (NCLB, RtI, CCSS) AND creative thinking into their personal “instructional toolbox.” It is left up to the individual educator to determine how to make all the components of great teaching work seamlessly in the classroom.

Curiosita Teaching is designed to support teaching creativity and teaching creatively! It brings together the bits and pieces of all the major educational initiatives, such as differentiation, multiple intelligences, backward planning, brain-engaged strategies, etc., under the umbrella of creativity combining theory AND practice.

Curiosita Teaching helps students develop the skills and attitudes necessary for the challenging 21st century life and work requirements. It provides the educator with a comprehensive approach that creates classrooms that truly develop all aspects of student creativity.

Educators striving to improve their instructional practices understand that teaching strategies and new initiatives cannot be successfully implemented in isolation. Curiosita Teaching provides you with the flexibility and structure to integrate creative thinking into your repertoire at your own comfort level. The program allows you to personally differentiate your implementation. This approach puts you, the teacher, in control of your own learning and teaching. Choose incremental or innovative levels of change within your classroom as you explore teaching creativity and teaching creatively.

View the Handbook of Instructional Strategies that includes activities in classroom environment, learning and thinking styles, the compenents of creativity, and product-based units. The CD that accompanies the Handbook includes 240+ templates for classroom use.

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2 reviews for curiosita teaching: Integrating Creative Thinking

  1. Karen Chapman

    Curiosita has been a great research- based resource as we plan for opening a school focused on teaching creative thinking skills. I think the book has helped me reconnect with the joy of learning and gives teachers and children permission to focus on their interests as a conduit to learning. I am enjoying trying out the fluency and flexibility activities. I can’t wait to try them with students.

    Karen Chapman
    Administrative Planning Partner
    Creativity Challenge Community
    Denver Public schools

  2. Robby Champion

    Wow! I felt so refreshed and encouraged. I had almost given up on schools being able to foster creativity – given the intense focus on standardized tests that they must maintain. I appreciate the ways you help educators take a deep breath and re-envision integrating creativity into their everyday instruction. The rationale that prioritizing creativity can enhance the rigor of student work – instead of just making learning activities more modern, more clever, and engaging – is the best part of the book for me.
    Thinking about the demands ahead in the 21st century demands, you provide all kinds of useful information, including the important distinction between innovation and creativity – two sides of the same coin – but not the same process. Especially valuable to educators should be the annotated bibliography; it is a treasure in itself and helps put today’s thinking about creativity and critical thinking in perspective. I look forward to reading the Curiosita Teaching Handbook.

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