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Handbook and Downloadable Files

Includes a section aligning creativity to the Common Core State Standards!

Curiosita Teaching a practical creativity program that allows all students to grow creatively! Curiosita Teaching is the narrative that supports you as you teach creativity and teach creatively. The authors focus on bridging the gap between research, theory, and practical application. Under the umbrella of creativity this engaging resource provides the flexibility and structure to integrate creativity into your curriculum at your comfort level as well as provide for differentiation, multiple intelligences, backward planning, and brain-engaging strategies. The practical, step-by-step approach in The Handbook provides tools, activities, and an organizational plan to develop and implement creativity in your classroom. Sequential lessons provide students with the basic skills and understanding of the creative process. This Handbook includes activities in classroom environment, learning and thinking styles, the components of creativity, guidelines, and product-based units. The downloadable files include over 240 .pdf templates for classroom activities.

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