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25 week enrichment challenge for gifted or regular students offers math enrichment activities to develop logic and reasoning skills while building self-confidence and understanding of mathematics. These weekly challenges, written in only a few words, aim to develop creative and flexible mathematics problem-solving skills. Reproducible activity sheets for each grade include eight problems for each week. The wide range of topics includes number sense, estimation, patterns, fractions, geometry, and statistics. The difficulty level for each problem is noted and answers are included. – NOW INCLUDES PDF OF BOOK ON CD.

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2 reviews for Math Rules 3rd-4th – Includes PDF of Book

  1. Loyal Customer

    The book has various math problems that are suitable for third and fourth grade learners. The word and computation problems are thought provoking, providing for in-depth critical thinking skills. Most math books are comprised of mainly computation problems. However, the Math Rules book covers a wide range of math problems that focus on the diverse aspects associated with math learning.
    Overall, the book can be used as an effective tool in the third and fourth grade classrooms. It provides numerous math problems that enable students to learn math quickly and adequately. I would suggest any of my colleagues to use this book to challenge the minds of their students.
    Fabian Appiah

  2. Donna Koepke

    Math Rules! is a reproducible book full of easy-to-use worksheets that are packed full of great problem solving activities. These can be given to individual students, pairs/partners, groups, or placed in learning centers. Doing these sheets will help teachers remember how “critical” critical thinking skills are, and these sheets will become a consistent routine in daily work. As students continue throughout the year, the skills will build as they go through the book. The actual problems presented on the worksheets are not wordy, but they do require creative thought and solution-finding skills. The math skills include: number sense and numeration, computation, measurement, estimation, geometry, fractions and decimals, quantitative reasoning and interpretations, patterns, and many other problem solving skills and strategies.

    I believe this book is a very good resource for any 3rd or 4th grade teacher to have in the classroom.

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