Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters – 7 Full Color Posters

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Challenge your students to rise up to the higher levels of thinking with 7 Full Color Bloom's Taxonomy Posters!

Includes: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation – all individual posters and one Bloom's Taxonomy as a whole poster. Posters work with classic Bloom's or the New Bloom's.

See the sample pages for an example of a level in full color.

Each 11” x 17” full color poster is ready to laminate and post in your classroom.

Sample Pages

1 review for Bloom’s Taxonomy Posters – 7 Full Color Posters

  1. Karen Davis

    The posters themselves are absolutely beautiful quality. The wording you selected to describe each of the different learning levels is also excellent – accurate as well as utilitarian. You’ve done one of the best jobs I’ve seen of selecting descriptive details for a Bloom’s poster. The graphic idea of puzzle pieces that fit together is also creative.
    I miss, however, the image of a "hierarchy."
    It is MOTIVATING for students to see [sic] what they are working … It’s exciting and motivating for them to SEE visually when they reach the top, or near the top. Likewise, when they struggle with something in higher order thinking, THEY can see for themselves how to move back down the ladder, to a level they DO know, and use it to figure out what they DON’T know. … When it comes to the tedious part of memorizing the facts and knowledge they need to know, the pyramid image shows students that the "Knowledge" level forms the BASE on which all the other levels are built.

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