Anchor Challenges for the DI Classroom

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8 Ready-to-Go Units for 4th – 9th Grade

Q:What do I do with the students when they don’t all finish activities at the same time? A: Anchor activities.

Anchor activities are meaningful learning tasks that students do independently .

Anchor Challenges for the DI Classroom are 8 Ready-to-go short units that provide learning challenges for your most capable students. These creative and critical thinking tasks look, feel, and are different than daily assignments; they are learning opportunities that require students to stretch. These eight challenge units will keep capable students engaged on meaningful independent or small group activities for multiple class periods. NCTE, NCTM, NSES, and NCSS standards are addressed throughout the 8 units.

* Create charts and graphs to represent data * Research and use technology to track expenses, create brochures, and develop presentations * Engage in strategic planning, precise communication, sharp problem solving skills, and the ability to look at common items in new ways * Solve mental math riddles and decipher clues * Gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of sources * Tackle real-world challenges * Organize and design a schedule * Using creativity, apply essential math skills and accomplish work within a given budget

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    As the introduction entitled “Who Needs this Book?” indicates, this book is attractive to me because I would really like to provide more opportunities for my higher-functioning students to extend their learning, but I don’t have time to create complete units. The book sets up eight complete units, with teacher background information, extension suggestions, well-formatted answer keys, simulated primary sources, rubrics, and student reproducible guide pages. Another attractive feature is that, while some units focus on math, which I teach, they also integrate with other subject areas as occurs in real-life. I am excited about using this resource!

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