Activities and Assessments Revised Expanded Edition


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Written by Carolyn Coil

? Would like to differentiate your curriculum and your day-to-day instruction, but don’t understand how to implement differentiation?
? Do you need practical strategies that are user-friendly and do not take an inordinate amount of time to plan and put into practice?
? Do you want a way to assess the variety of student projects and performances that are often the result of differentiated instruction?
? Must you incorporate standards, including the Common Core, into each unit or lesson you teach?

This book is just what you need!

If you are a teacher, an administrator, a professional development coordinator, or are in any other position of educational leadership it will:

  • Give specific examples of differentiated activities to teachers at all grade levels,
  • Clarify how to set up and plan for student choices,
  • Explain how to write and implement tiered lessons and units, and
  • Translate theory into sound educational practice.

Discover 55 “how-to” differentiated units of work with student activities and their corresponding assessments:

  • 24 Tic-Tac-Toe student choice activities and assessments
  • 10 Individual Lesson Plans (ILP™s) – Differentiated units of work with both required activities and student choice activities and assessments
  • 6 Primary Individual Lesson Plans – A simpler version of the ILP™ designed for students in grades K-2
  • 15 Tiered Lessons/Units with assessments

In addition, you’ll find:

  • 30 Product Criteria Cards to facilitate assessment of student products and performances
  • An Index of Common Core Standards used in each of the 55 differentiated units
  • An Index of Products/Performances
  • An Index by Subject Area
  • Suggested differentiated products and performances
  • Ways to set up Learning Contracts for individual students
  • Print-On-Demand customizable files with all 55 differentiated units of work for you to download and use or to change to better meet your individual needs

Practical Strategies! – Teacher Friendly Directions! – Time-Saving Techniques!

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