Research Without Copying Expanded 3rd Edition

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The standard research paper encourages copying and data dumping. Using the strategies in Research Without Copying students

* think critically about what they read and hear by seeking facts that support the data
* use information in a variety of ways rather than to simply copy information
* learn research skills and practices those skills
* change the product so that they must locate, read, comprehend, analyze, and synthesize information
* learn proven methods and models moving to analyzing and synthesizing data rather than rote copying of data
* see actual product models that they feel competent in gathering and using data
* find topics for every day of the school year so they can explore a broad spectrum of knowledge through research

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  1. Loyal Customer

    The author describes how to motivate self-directed or independent research related to a student’s strongest “thinking mode,” which may lie in one of four quadrants:
    A) Descriptive – The Thinker (likes written facts and charts, values accuracy)
    B) Co-relational – The Mover (likes to gather data through a survey, well-organized)
    C) People-oriented – The Nurturer (likes case studies and field studies)
    D) Original — The Creator (likes an experimental approach)

    The book also suggests products for each of these quadrants that require research but would not be “copyable,” e.g., a biographical poem about a notable person, or an “eyewitness script” about an historic event.

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