Teaching Leadership & 21st Century Skills

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The purpose of this book is to provide a unique resource for teaching leadership and the 21st century skills needed by all students in order to become college and career ready adults. This book contains 27 action-oriented lessons & activities specifically designed to teach leadership and 21st Century Skills. The lessons and activities in this book are designed to be used in the classroom, in extracurricular programs, in after-school programs, at summer camps, and anywhere activity-oriented learning takes place.

Most lessons and activities are geared toward students in grades 6-12, however; with simple modifications can be used with students of all ages, especially in grades 3-5.

Basic teaching information is provided for each lesson and activity so the teacher can modify the material as needed for a specific group of students at a specific age or in a specific environment.

Lessons and activities in this book are designed to help create 21st century learners who:

• Demonstrate independence.
• Build strong core academic content knowledge.
• Communicate effectively and creatively.
• Comprehend as well as critique.
• Solve problems and make decisions wisely.
• Value research evidence.
• Use technology and digital media strategically and capably.
• Understand other perspectives and cultures.
• Become effective, ethical, and knowledgeable leaders.


2 reviews for Teaching Leadership & 21st Century Skills

  1. Tammie Myers

    Leadership Skills in the 21st Century is a Great book for school to enhance their schools leadership foundation. Grab this book for a great investment into your students future Leadership skills they will need to enhance their future work and college growth!!

  2. Eleanor Yunghans

    This leadership book is one of the best ones I have seen. It is full of great ideas for students to develop communication skills and organizational skills to become the best leaders they can be. I have been a student council advisor and could have used these activities to have more effective student council officers and members. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have the most effective student leaders. -Eleanor Yunghans, Past Executive Director, Ohio Council for the Social Studies

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