Research Using Glyphs, Thinker Grids, & Tic-Tac-Tools


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Students hone their researching skills, ‘show what they know,’ and have fun doing it creating Glyphs. Author Laura Magner provides Thinker Grid and Tic-Tac-Tool investigation templates as a warm up for research. They are then ready to pursue the creation of glyphs.

In order to create the pieces of the glyphs, students conduct research in math, science, language arts, and social studies. The research requires note taking, thought, mathematical calculations, organization, and creativity.

Each glyph assignment includes between 6 and 8 two-fold directives. Each directive tells the student not only what to research but how to use the answer from that research as part of the visual in the finished product they design. Each finished glyph product will then have a corresponding number of details in the finished poster or specified three-dimensional object.

Students can use different sources for their research. And they learn to use different reference materials alone, with partners, or in groups of three, but will eventually become adept at completing a glyph independently.

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