Research Reports to Knock Your Teacher’s Socks Off!


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Imagine a typical research report day. Most of the class is asleep! The teacher is nodding off, too! Why? Because listening to copied encyclopedia reports is not the most exciting way you can think of to spend a morning.

Finally it is your turn. You put on your bush hat, greet the class with "g'day", put a taped drumbeat on the tape player and launch into a WOMBAT CHANT! (See page 2!)

Your classmates pick up the beat. They clap along to the rhythm. When you finish, there are cries of "Do it again!" This time they chant along. So does your teacher. Your report is the hit of the morning and sure to get an "A."

How did you do it? It was easy. You simply organized your information in a new way.

With easy directions and specific models and examples, this book shows you different ways to organize information about animals, people, places, and events, making research both fun and rewarding.

Report about: Animals, People, Places, Events!

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