Reality Math for Teens


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Teach Standards-Based Financial Literacy !

*Buying a car
*Using credit cards
*Starting a business
*Investing money
*The lottery
*Paying taxes, and

…all interest middle school and high school students.

But what math knowledge do students have and can they apply to buying a car, using a credit card, beginning their own business, investing some savings, playing the lottery, paying taxes, or starting an IRA?

Teaching and encouraging Financial Literacy – number sense in the real world – is the purpose of Reality Math for Teens. In simulations, students use math and problem solving skills for an authentic purpose and learn to make good financial, real world decisions. All units are correlated to National Math Standards.

Each topic begins with a story about Mrs. Green, the teacher. Students are introduced to a financial concept, see how to do the math for that situation, and then apply their learned math skills to a real-life situation.

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