Soaring with Numbers


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Travel with four sixth grade students to the seven continents, and explore and solve real-world mathematical problems using research tools – Guinness World Records, The World Almanac, World Atlas, and The Internet – to practice NCTM skills and standards including measurement, coordinates, scientific notation, temperature, rate, circumference, volume, time, and probability. Statistics involve data collection, frequency tables, range, mean, median, and mode.

In addition, this unique resource blends math, reading, research, and geography into an exciting adventure for students. They will enjoy and marvel at the additional information on the Internet that leads them into extension activities, enrichment, and independent investigations in various content areas.

The resources pique students' interest and provide motivation to practice math and research skills. Students love the intriguing facts and figures and have fun solving problems.

Classroom studies show that after working with Soaring with Numbers students scored significantly higher mean scores in achievement testing.

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