Motivating Underachievers – Revised Expanded Edition

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This edition is jammed with workable, practical strategies to manage and solve the problem of under-achievement in all learners. Strategies address self esteem, study skills, time management, organizational skills, test taking tips, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, how to work with parents, and how to work within the school environment. Complements Becoming and Achiever. downloadable files include PDF forms and customizable WORD forms. Authored by Carolyn Coil.

WORD forms include:
Goal Setting
Problem Solving for Goal Setting and Decision Making
To Do List
Long Range Assignment Planning Guide
Evaluating Classroom Activities for Creativity and Motivation
Strategies that Work

PDF Forms Include:

Affective Characteristics of Students Who Are Becoming Achievers
Academic Characteristics of Students Who Are Becoming Achievers
Goal Setting
Mind Map – Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Decision Making
Problem Solving for Goal Setting & Decision Making
To Do List
Assignments Completed
What’s the Right Speed?
Taking Notes from Class Lectures
Long Range Assignment Planning Guide
A Test About Tests
Test Taking Hints for Students – Time Management
Test Taking Hints for Students – Making Choices
Test Taking Hints for Students – Essay Exams
Resident Expert Planning Form
Learning Styles Checklist
Learning Modalities Checklist
E-Mail Interview with a Professional
Evaluating Classroom Activities for Creativity and Motivation
Characteristics and Causes of Underachievement
Factors Which May Reverse Underachievement

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2 reviews for Motivating Underachievers – Revised Expanded Edition

  1. Loyal Customer

    Motivating Underachievers I found to be a great resource book for all teachers in both private and public education. I find it especially useful for teachers who deal with gifted students on a daily basis. Today more children are being identified as gifted students in our educational system and at the same time, some of these students are not performing on their expectation level due to different dilemma or issues both at home and at school. I find this book to be useful because the book addresses several issues, and it provides ways in which educators can try to address these problems. The book did a fine job explaining what underachievement is and what it means to individuals. The book also gives specific characteristics which are researched based on things to look for in underachiever students as compared to students who achieve.
    I personally like the way the book is laid out. More important than the lay out of the book are the topics discussed. Starting with how to build self esteem in students in chapter one to flexibility and changes within the school system in chapter six, the book gave great information on how to deal with different issues that educators face today in our educational system. I believe the strategies that are given in the book can all be implemented at different grade levels.
    Fabian Appiah

  2. Loyal Customer

    This book is wonderful. I have been teaching Middle School for the past 5 years and each year I have seen my share of underachieving students. Motivating Underachievers gives you 220 strategies for success. It gives you characteristics to look for in the underachieving student. It talks about what motivation is and how to eliminate motivation destroyers.
    This book gives you different strategies to help the underachiever build his or her self esteem. It breaks down the different strategies for improving study skills and how to remediate different academic weaknesses. There is a section that talks about how ones teaching style can affect the motivation and success of students. I really like the checklist for the “Learning Styles” and “Learning Modalities.” These are great tools for teachers to use in order to cater to the students’ needs. Another great chapter in the book is about working with parents of underachievers and understanding the family background. It gave really good tips on how to communicate effectively and positively.
    As a whole, this book gets 2 thumbs up. I got lots of good strategies and tips from it, and I will definitely use it in the upcoming school years.
    Tricia B. Weatherspoon

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